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How to Schedule Multiple Appointments

Schedule Multiple Appointments


This forum will go over step by step on how to book multiple appointments for one customer.

Watch the video or follow the steps below for instructions on how to schedule multiple appointments.


1. Go to the calendar page, click the screen and select New Multiple Appointments


2. On the Book Multiple Appointments screen it will allow you to select a Service, Service Provider, edit Duration and Price. Once finished, an option below the service field will appear labeled Add another service click that to book another service.


3. Once you have added all the services you need to add for the customer click Next


4. Here you can change the date and start time, but you can’t edit the Price and Duration. These are the sum of all the services. If you want to edit these options, you have to do it in the previous screen.


5. Here you can select a customer, go ahead and select one from your list of customers or click New to add a new customer, then select Book.


6. After you click Book it will take you back to the calendar screen where you can see that your multiple appointments have been booked consecutively.


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