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How to add a Personal Task

How to add a Personal Task

This will show you how to use the Personal Task Feature in Vagaro. The Personal Task feature will allow you to customize your day by day schedule on your calendar by blocking time frames where you might need to tend to a particular task or commitment, essentially answering the question "how do I block out days or hours."  There are two types of Personal task options, one that blocks out your availability completely including Online Booking, the other blocks out your availability, but leaves Online Booking open.

Check out this video or follow the instructions below.



1. From the calendar screen, click the box that is in the time and date you want and from the drop down menu click Personal Task. 


2. In this window you can select the type of Personal Time Off, check the boxes for Block Online Booking and Whole Day Off, and enter in the Time Period.

Block Online Booking Checking this box blocks your availability, and online booking. Unchecking this box, blocks your availability but leaves your online booking open.

Whole Day Off - If you have an employee out sick for the day or on vacation, you can use this option here to block off any day off thats different then already scheduled.


3. Here you can add and receive Comments and you can select if this is a Repeat task. The difference with the repeat here than other screens is that here you can set No End Date. For example, when setting up a a lunch break personal task you can have this repeat for as long as the service provider is part of your business.

When everything is set up to your liking click Save.


4. The Personal Task will be indicated on the calendar with a darker brown box. (The Brown color indicates the personal task created will be blocking online booking)


5. The Personal Task will be indicated on the calendar with a lighter brown box if the block online booking box is unchecked.





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