How to Edit Work Hours on the Calendar (On the Mobile Version)




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    Charles I

    Hi Irma. I recommend creating a personal task on the calendar. This allows you to schedule time off for a specific event or task.

    You can disable online booking during the time frame a personal task is set and create recurring tasks, repeating them daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also select an end date for the task. 

    Click here to learn more. 

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    Janet Meilahn

    Is there a way of setting up the calendar so that it only shows certain hours. Like 8am to 8pm and not the rest of the day.

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    Meg Bodi

    So if I go to a particular date on the calendar and change my working hours, and select "all Tuesdays" it will only effect the ones from the date I am editing forward? It's unclear in the wording. I am implementing new hours starting Jan 1, 2014, so I could go to Jan 1 and make changes selecting "all" and it will not effect the rest of December, yes? Just want to be sure so I don't have to go back and change everything again! 

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    Irma Guzman

    I want to be able to edit working hours for special hours. For example, I have to close for maint. Friday to Sunday only for this weekend. How do I do that?

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