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Customizing Your Working Hours

Customizing Your Working Hours:

Customizing your working hours within Vagaro will enable you to build your schedule exactly the way you would like. You can set up requests that will show on your calendar for lunches,personal time off, vacation etc. Also you will be able to easily configure your availability throughout the week.

There are two ways you can customize your Working Hours. The following steps will guide you:


1. Click on the day you want to add Personal Time Off-> select Personal Task



2. Select the "Hours" you would like off or check Whole Day Off.

3. If personal time recurring -> Under tab "Do Not Repeat" select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

4. Add a Comment - Comments will appear as the Title on the Calendar Screen.

5. Click Submit to confirm request.





1. Click on the day you want to change your Working Hours-> select Edit Working Hours



2. Select either the selected day or all future days

3. Select the New Hours by clicking on the "Clock" icon

4. Click Save




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    Meg Bodi

    So if I go to a particular date on the calendar and change my working hours, and select "all Tuesdays" it will only effect the ones from the date I am editing forward? It's unclear in the wording. I am implementing new hours starting Jan 1, 2014, so I could go to Jan 1 and make changes selecting "all" and it will not effect the rest of December, yes? Just want to be sure so I don't have to go back and change everything again! 

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    Janet Meilahn

    Is there a way of setting up the calendar so that it only shows certain hours. Like 8am to 8pm and not the rest of the day.

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