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How to Schedule a New Appointment

Appointment scheduling couldn't be easier on This forum will go over how to create and book a new appointment from the calendar screen.

Watch the video or follow the steps below for instructions below.


1. To schedule a customer for a new appointment, go to your calendar, click on the date and time you want to schedule the appointment and click on New Appointment.


2. On the left click on Select Service and select the service from the drop down menu. From here you can choose to Add Another Service, edit the Price and Duration or make this appointment a recurring appointment.


3. If this is a new customer, click New to, enter in their information and click Save. If it’s a returning customer, select the customer from the drop down menu and their information will pop up on the right.  From here you can add Notes to their profile, check their appointment History, and add a Credit Card.


4. Once you are finished selecting all the options, click the Book.


5. After clicking Book you'll be brought back to to the calendar screen where you can see the appointment booked under the date and start time.



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