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Reassign / Change Account Ownership

Reassigning / Change Account Ownership

Our Reassign Account Ownership feature can be used to change the current Account Owner of a Vagaro account to either an existing employee listed on the account or a completely new user. One common example is when a salon is sold to an employee. Below you will find step by step instructions on how to use our Reassign Account Ownership Feature.

You will first have to be in the employee profile screen and this can be accessed by clicking on Settings Employees - Employees Profile.

1.Click Reassign next to the current account owners profile.




2. Select Reassign Account ownership and click Continue




3. After reading the prerequisites of reassigning account ownership confirm that you would like to continue by clicking Continue




4. Enter in the current account owner's password and click Login




5. Depending on your browser and pop up settings a pop up box will appear displaying the message "User Validated successfully". Click OK




6. Select the employee who will be taking over as the new account owner by clicking Select Employee. 

    Then select the new access level for the original account owner by clicking Select Access level.

    Click Continue.




7. Enter in the credit card payment information for the new owner and click Continue.




 8. After inserting the payment information for the new account owner you will need to fill out the merchant services information for the business (if applicable).

  • You can view the current merchant account information by clicking Current Configuration.
  • You would then select what type of merchant account by clicking one of the bullet points.
  • If you would like the use the current merchant account that is being used just simply check Use Current Merchant Account.
  • If you do not want to use the current merchant account simply enter in the new API login and Transaction Key in the designated boxes.
  • In the situation of having a separate merchant account for retail and products simply check the box titled  Select if you have a separate merchant account for retail and products, then enter that accounts API Login and Transaction Key.
  • Once you have entered all of your merchant account information simply click Continue.     




9. Review all of the information on this screen for the new account owner, click Back if changes are necessary or click Reassign Ownership to continue.




10. After confirming that the account ownership has been changed click Finish.


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