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    Paula Mae, LMT

    The above instructions don't allow me to see how this point/redeem setup works for the client, therefore I can't figure out how to set this up (for me), even though you have showed the generic setup. To help those of us who are new, please first show a specific, real-world application (without using jargon), then show how-to-setup-that-scenario so that we can make the connection between the real-world example and the setup jargon. The other videos that you've done that really work for me, already do that. For example, what would the setup look like if my clients get a free session after paying for ten?

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    Sandra Harwood

    I am trying to use points to buy a gift voucher can you please explain how you do this. I am still on my trial and the only reason I am moving to this program is that I need to use loyalty points.  I just cannot work out how to pay for a gift voucher after a whole afternoon. Thanks

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    Daniel C

    Hello Sandra,

    The point system does not tie directly into the gift certificates function. However, you are able to adjust accordingly to what you want, but you will be doing it manually. There are going to be two parts to my answer.

    1) To create a gift certificate without charging a client, you need to go to Reports - Gift Certificates. From there you will create a gift certificate, complete with the amount you are putting on it, the sender/receiver, etc. Once you have completed this, there will be a gift certificate on file for the client that can be used.

    2) To adjust the points after you account for anything manually (including creating a gift certificate), you will need to go to Customers - Customer Management and select the client profile in question. From there, you will have a Data column and in there is Points Balance. Next to the points balance there will be an underlined Edit text line, click on it to adjust points accordingly. If you are doing this from the app, go to Customers, select the person, and then select Edit at the top right. You will have an option for Points Balance there as well.

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