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Employee Profile: Adding Employees and More

The Employee Profile screen is home to all your employee information. You can edit everything from contact information to working hours. Ever wondered "How do I add an employee (or intern) to my Vagaro?" Well, this forum will go over how to add employees, input their information and set up their services.


1. To access the Employee Profile menu, hover over Settings, hover over Employees and then click Employees Profile from the drop down menu.



2. In this screen you’ll see all your employees and the amount of licenses your account has. To add an employee, click Add Employee.

Note: When adding employees your licenses will automatically change, for more on Employee licenses click Here!



3. We’ll start with the Profile. The profile is where you enter in the employees Name, Email, Birth Date, Gender, Picture and Bio. When you’re finished click Next.



4. The next screen will set up your employees Login information. You can set up their Username, Password, CardID (If your business uses ID Cards) Security Question, the Employee Type, and the employees Access Level.



5. In the next screen you can set up all the contact information. You can set up an Address, their Phone Numbers, you can choose to Show their contact information with their bio online, Enable 2-Step Verification, set their Appointment Reminders, and Special Announcement Email notices.



6. In this screen we can set up their working hours. Check the box to the left of the day of the week to open that day and then set the Start Time and End Time. When the hours are set click Next.



7. Next you’ll be brought to the Service/Class Pricing Configuration for your employee. At the top you can Add a Service/Class, Export the list to Excel, adjust the total Price Ratio, and set the Points Given and Points to Redeem for each service/class.



8. Below you can set the Pricing and Duration of each service and well as Points Given and Points to Redeem each service. When you’re finished click Save.



9. Once saved, your license will be updated and your service provider will be added. From here you can go back and edit any of the information we just entered. You can turn Online Booking off, make your service provider Inactive, Share their Calendar, or Delete the profile.






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