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How to Delete an Account Owner's Schedule

  How to Delete an Account Owner's schedule:


If an Account Owner is no longer taking appointments and wants to clear their calendar, this will ensure that the Account Owner will be able to accept appointments but doesn't have any appointments on their calendar.  Since the Account Owner is no longer accepting appointments on their calendar, the account owner will not be charged.

Follow the next few steps to Delete an Account Owner's Schedule:

1.) Go to "Settings" -- "Employees" -- "Employee's Profile"



2.) Create a new user on the account by clicking "Add Employee" .



3.) Enter in the Login Information for the "New User". You will need to create a new user profile to re-assign an Account Owner.

Make sure that the User Type is "Service Provider" and Role Type is "Service Provider Commission".





4.) Click "Re-assign" next to the Account Owner's profile:




5.) Select the new Service Provider profile that was created (in this example "Delete Owner" is the service provider) and click Save:



6.) Delete the "Employee" profile that was created:



Make sure that "Delete Calendar" option is selected and click on Save




Once prompted "By selecting this option the user and it's associated calendar both will be deleted.

Are you sure you want to continue?" Click OK



7.) The account owner's information will not show up on the staff page when a client books an appointment online and the "Hours" and "Services" section of the employee profile will turn gray.



You have successfully deleted an account owner's schedule.

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