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Disable or Turn Off Online Booking

Disabling (Turn Off) Online Booking:

The Disabling Online Booking of Vagaro is designed to give the service providers control over their calendar by not allowing customers to book appointments online. Disabling Online Booking will still allow the Service Provider to be seen on the Website but customers will no longer be able to book online for that Service Provider. Instead they will have to call either the Business or the Service Provider to Book an appointment. This can be done and undone when needed. 

Use the following steps to Disable Online Booking:

From your Calendar screen:

1. Go to Settings-> Employees-> Employees Profile




3.Simply click on "Online Booking " to allow or disable online booking.



 Here's an example of how the Service Provider will look on the website.

 -Nick allows Online Booking

 -Jane does not allow Online Booking


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