How to Add a Sales Tax (On the Web Version)




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    Ray Owens

    Interesting work.

    Would be nice to see a function on the CHECK-OUT that removes the tax.  In Ohio, if a doctor has written a massage for therapeutic massage, we don't have to charge sales tax.

    The way we've had to set this up is to have two versions of the same service.  One taxable and one without tax.  Then we have to remember to pick the correct one upon checkout.  *Then* we have to change the service at checkout to exclude the sale tax.

    The ultimate would be to have a "taxable for services (Y/N)" function within the client information.  If that client checks out, any applicable sales tax wouldn't be charged.

    Just a thought.  :)

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    Jill Ventimiglia

    I feel the same way as above comment. I need to be able to turn the tax on and off at check out. Because I have clients who order product from my website  out of state. So my out of state clients don't pay sales tax. It is such a hassle going into inventory to turn off tax then check out then go back into inventory and turn it back on again. Would be so much easier if there was a check box at check out.


    Jill :D

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    Manna Antonenko

    Can 2 taxes be added to the same product/service?  In BC, Canada, I must charge 2 separate taxes (GST & PST) and they must be displayed separately on the invoice.

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