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If your business has agreed to have us create a custom Vagaro website  for you or have set up the basic Vagaro webpage, the Custom Tab Name feature will apply to you. Custom Tab Names allow you to change the Service Provider tab on your Vagaro site. You can label this tab according to your business needs. The following instructions will guide you how to use this feature of Vagaro.


This can only be done from your Web Browser.The Vagaro apps do not have this feature at the moment.

At this time only 1 Tab can be customized (service provider). From your Calendar screen:

To change the Service Provider tab name, Select Settings --- Employees --- Employees Profile



Once the Employees profile has been clicked, the system will bring you to the employee profile section of Vagaro. There is a scroll menu to the left of the profiles. Browse down towards the bottom of the page, it will read Website Tab Names Click here.




Click Website Tab Names. In the Service Provider tab name enter how you would like it to read --- click See Result



Styles and Treatments tab can be customized using the same steps above.


In addition to the process above. The Styles and Treatment tab can be changed by Select Marketing --- Select Styles and Treatments



In the Style and treatment tab name enter how you would like it to read --- click Save



Log out and log back in and that completes changing tab names.



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    please allow more least three more customizable pages...thanks

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    When I try and change the Styles and Treatments tab to "Photo Gallery" nothing shows up in that tab.  Even if I l leave it as Styles and Treatments, I can't find  how I can change what goes under that tab.  The link is active, but there is nothing under it.  I think I need help !!! 

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