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Ethernet Receipt Printer Setup and Printing a Sales Receipt on Mac (Star TSP100LAN)

Ethernet Receipt Printer Setup (Star TSP100LAN) for Mac


Install Using CD

  1. Insert the CD that came with your printer.
  2. Once the computer reads the CD it will put a CD icon on the desktop, click on the CD icon on the desktop
  3. Open the folder Labeled tsp100_v620_lite
  4. Open the folder labeled Mac
  5. Open the folder labeled Cups
  6. Open the folder starcupsdrv-3.5.0_mac_20150120
  7. Open the folder labeled Drivers
  8. Open starcupsdrv-3.5.0.pkg
  9. Then just follow the instructions on the wizard to finish the installation process for the drivers.


Install Using Downloaded Driver

  1. Click on this link to download the driver:
  2. Open the downloaded file, that appears on the desktop
  3. Open the folder Labeled
  4. Open the folder labeled Mac
  5. Open the folder labeled Cups
  6. Unzip the folder labeled
  7. Open the folder starcupsdrv-3.3.0_mac_20150120
  8. Open the folder labeled Drivers
  9. Open starcupsdrv-3.5.0.pkg
  10. Then just follow the instructions on the wizard to finish the installation process for the drivers.

Obtaining IP Address for TSP100LAN


1. Connect the printer to the router using the supplied ethernet cable and power on the printer

2. Turn off the printer

3. Hold the feed button down and then at the same time turn the power on to the printer

4. The printer will print out two test receipts

5. At the bottom of the second page it will list the Current IP Parameters Status which will be formatted as such:



6. Write down the IP Address


Adding the printer

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.
  2. Select Print and Fax



4. On the Print & Fax screen click the + icon to add the printer



5. Select IP, type in the IP Address in the Address field then select Select Software... 



6. On the Printer Software screen search for Star TSP and select Star TSP100 Cutter



7.  Click Add



8. In the Default Printer drop down box, select STAR TSP 100. 



Printing a Sales Receipt and Changing Printer Settings

  1. Open Safari and go to the Vagaro website and login 
  2. At the Customer Checkout select Print Receipt
  3. A printer menu will appear, make sure to expand the window by clicking on the drop down arrow
  4. Uncheck the "Print Headers" and "Footers Box"
  5. Under Paper Size, select Manage Custom Sizes


      6.  Click on the Plus sign under the List field
      7.  Double click on the "untitled" and name it "Vagaro"
      8.  Use the settings from the following Image and click OK




 9.Click on the drop down menu titled Safari, select Features




10. From the Features drop down, select Output Options




11. From the "Features sets" drop down Select Cut Length

12. Set Page to No Cut and Document Cut to Partial Cut

13. On the Features drop down now select Cash Drawer (if you don't have a cash drawer you can skip)

1. On the Cash Drawer drop down Select Open Drawer 1

2. On the Cash Drawer 1 Pulse menu, select 200 milliseconds

3. Make sure the Cash Drawer is plugged into the printer

14. Go to the preset menu drop down, select "Save As" and save settings as "Vagaro"



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