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Cash Drawer Setup on Windows

The Star TSP100 printer can be setup to automatically open the Cash Drawers when printing a receipt. Here are the steps:

Note: The following steps assume you already have setup the printer. If you have not, please refer to the following link and click on your Windows operating system for more details -

1.  Connect the Cash Drawer to the Receipt Printer. Make sure you connect the cable to the printer and cash drawer correctly; there is a label on each end of the cable telling you where to connect it.

2.  In Windows, click on the Start icon

3.  Select Devices and Printers

4.  Find the Star printer, right click and select Printer Properties

5.  Select the Device Settings tab

6.  There are seven selections at the bottom, make sure to choose the following:

       FRICTION: Letter

  • Cash Drawer1 - Pulse Width: 200 milliseconds
  • Peripheral Unit Type: Cash Drawer
  • Buzzer 1 - On Time: 200 milliseconds
  • Buzzer 1 - Off Time: 500 milliseconds
  • Buzzer 2 - On Time: 200 milliseconds
  • Buzzer 2 - Off Time: 500 milliseconds


6.  Click Apply and then click on OK at the bottom and everything should work.



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    Thanks the note. That really helps !

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