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STAR Printer (Receipt) Setup with Firefox for Windows Computers

Star Printer (Receipt) Setup with Firefox for Windows Computers


Set Star printer as Default in Windows

1. Click on the Windows Start Menu
2. Click on Devices and Printers
3. Right click on the Star printer and choose Set as default printer 

Install Firefox (Skip if Firefox is already installed)

1. Click on this link to install Firefox -
2. Click Free Download.

Configure Firefox

1. After you install Firefox, go to
2. Click on the three lines at the top right of Firefox and then click  Options.

4.  Click on the Content tab
5.  Click on Exceptions on the Block pop-up windows line


6.   Enter in "" in the Address of web site field.
7.   Click Allow
8.   Click Close when finished then OK on preview options box.


Printer Settings

Now that you have Firefox installed, you need to setup the Page Setup before printing receipts.
1. Click on the three lines on upper right corner then click on Print and then select Page Setup.


     The Page Setup menu appears. In the Format & Options tab do the following:
     2.  Make sure Orientation is set to Portrait
     3.  Scale should be set to 100%
     4.  Check Shrink to fit Page Width
     5.  Uncheck Print Background (colors & images)




6.  Click on the Margins & Header/Footer tab at the top
7.  Set the Top and Bottom margins to 0.25
8.  Set the Left and Right margins to 0.0
9.  Set all of the Headers & Footers to --blank--
10.  Click OK at the bottom of the window. Your printer is now ready to use.


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