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Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting (Apple)

Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting (Apple)

Apple iOS Device Compatibility

All Apple iOS devices are compatible with the Vagaro credit card reader. Sometimes you reader seems to not be working/swiping. In the case your mobile credit card reader stopped working or never worked, this forum will go over what troubleshooting steps you can take to get it functioning. You need to have your Apple device running iOS 5.1 or higher  

The Vagaro Pro app is optimized for Apple and most Android Devices. To check to see if your iPhone or iPad is compatible with the credit card reader, please visit the Mobile Credit Card reader compatibility list:

If you can't get your credit card reader to connect to your iPhone or iPad, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Clean the reader
  • Make sure credit card processing is setup properly on Vagaro
  • Enable microphone in Settings
  • Force close any running apps
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Vagaro Pro
  • Update Apple iOS

Clean the Reader

With time the magnet in the reader may get dirty. The tinting on some wallets may rub off on the clients card which in turn can rub off on the magnet. A quick way to clean it is to get a paper towel and fold it enough so it fits in the slit. Then slightly damp it with a small amount of rubbing alcohol(preferred) or windex. Don't soak it. Rub it back and forth between the slit. This may take a couple of times. After you have cleaned it try again.


Make Sure Credit Card Processing is Setup Properly on Vagaro


1. To get started and check hover over Settings and go to Credit Card Application.


2. Make sure that this page is Enabled and your name is under the Merchant Account section. If it states "Awaiting Approval" this means that the merchant account still needs to be approved and we need to wait for it to go through.

Note: If a problem with either the credit card or your card reader prevents you from swiping, you can enter the credit card information manually. Note that your transaction will be subject to higher, key-entered rates. 


Enable Microphone in Settings


When using the Vagaro Pro credit card reader on your iPhone or iPad device for the first time, Vagaro Pro will need to access the microphone setting to recognize the signal from the reader.

To make sure this setting is enabled please follow the instructions below.


1. Go to the Settings icon on your device.


2.  Click Privacy and then Microphone.


3. To enable microphone access for Vagaro Pro click on the switch next to it so it turns green. 


Plug in the reader and try to swipe again. Make sure you do not have any cover on your iPhone or iPad. This prohibits the device from being inserted completely. It doesn't matter how thin that cover may be, it can cause it to not connect properly. 


Force Close Any Running Apps

If you've updated your API Login and Transaction key and it is setup on Vagaro, you may also want to consider to force - close apps on your iPad / iPhone

1. Double Tap on the Home button.



2. Swipe up on each running app to fully close it. Once they are all closed you will be left with just the home page.


Uninstall and Reinstall Vagaro Pro

If the credit card reader still doesn't work after setting up microphone access and closing all apps, the next step you be to delete the Vagaro Pro app.


1. Hold the Vagaro Pro icon for a couple of seconds until the apps start to wiggle.


2. Click on the X and then Delete.


3. After the app is uninstalled hold the Home and Power button together until you see the Apple icon appear. This will not delete any of your devices data.


4. After your iPhone / iPad reboots reinstall the Vagaro Pro app in the App Store and try it again.


Update Apple iOS

Please make sure you are running the current iOS on your iPhone / iPad. You can check what iOS your are running on your iPhone / iPad by going to "Settings" --- "General" -- "Software Update". It will tell you if you have the current version or need to update it. Update it if necessary.


1. Go to the Settings icon on your device.


2. Click on General and then Software Update. If there is a pending update please perform the update and try using the reader after it is done.


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    Paula Moerland

    What about troubleshooting iMac problems? I'm supposed to only have to plug it in and it should work, but it doesn't: I get keyboard unrecognized type error.

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