Vagaro Credit Card Processing Fees vs Square




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    Aaron B

    what if i sign up for a Small account and consistently go over $2000 a month in transactions?

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    Angelicia Fisher

    I should be able to do everything the same as your merchant through square. As it is (I use square), my customers can't buy gift certificates, gift cards, memberships, product, or anything else on line... without me having a Vagaro's merchant. Square has no limits on what I make per month, transactions are only 2.75% per swipe (no + .19) and no monthly fees. What makes your merchant more attractive? Please make it so we (your customers) can use whatever merchant we choose and still have the same benefits through your booking program.

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    Daciel Rodriguez

    so why are the merchant accout taking $50 every month after the % of authorize .net
    + $6.50 per month
    + 2.65% flat rate cents per transaction
    + No Sign-up or Cancellation fees
    + No Annual fees
    + No Hidden Fees (Everything is Detailed in the Application)
    + Automatic end-of-day batching, only $.10 cents per day and only on days with transactions
    + Money in your bank account within 24 to 48 Working hours
    Note: American Express can be added, but the rates are variable.
    Click here to signup for "Small Merchant" -

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    Esther Chapman

    hmmm i'm charged about 17-20 in fees from either vagaro or, on top of the percentage taken out from each transaction. the transaction fee for american express is higher than the others and so is manual entering, which you fail to mention here (but of course you mention it about square)

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    Genee Jo Penelerick

    I have two readers that don't work. I paid for the second one and no luck. I've been thru every single process of cleaning them. ( they are new)
    I was told to enter credit card transactions manually and wait a year. So here I am stuck with $250 in the Garrow gift certificates and I can't use them.
    It seems the customer service is lacking for a small businesses now. What's the fee if I cancel my merchant account now? It's been less than a year.

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    Genee Jo Penelerick

    And there is no mention above of their per transaction fees that are manually entered . Why is that? Square is easy and concise. I was really wanting to switch everything over to the vagaro but I just don't trust it.

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    Kelly Nance

    I did and my first batch percentage was almost 4%. They said they match square. I was livid. The reader only works on the device you order it for (Samsung note 3 only) and didn't even work on my tablet. It was pretty janky too. If they are beating square percentage, I'd like it in writing that if I am only swiping or dipping they will never charge more than 2.75% and receive a free EMV reader. This past year was a bust with there processing. I couldn't take a chance and keepnusing it because I wouldn't know what was going on until end of month statement. Wherever the credit cars report was instill can't remember. Not convenient

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    Charles I

    Hi Kelly. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Are you still having issues? Were any of the transactions manually entered or typed? The reason I ask this is there's a higher fee for transactions that are manually entered as opposed to swiped since the banks deem these as higher risk transactions. Feel free to email or call 800-919-0157, ext. 2 for additional support. 

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