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Employee is Leaving, What Should I Do?

These are the suggested steps Vagaro recommends when an employee leaves your business.

- Edit Employee's Profile

- Turn Off Online Booking

- Run and Export Employee's Sales and Business Performance

- Run Payroll

- Export Customers List

- Delete Employee's Customers

- Re-Assign Appointments and Delete Employee

- Cancel Employee's Merchant Account

 - Reduce Licenses (if no replacement employee)

Edit Employee's Profile

1.  Change the employees User name and Password to prevent them from logging in at home or any where else.

2.  Go to SettingsEmployees - click Employees Profile 


          3. Click Edit Profile


4.  Change log in information and click Save.

(Change the Email to something random like "nothere123@" and copy that into the Username and Password fields)






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 Turn Off Online Booking

  1. Turn off online booking for Employee to prevent any other appointments to be made by your customers.

       2. Go to Settings - Employees - Select Employees Profile - Click Online Booking to turn off this feature.




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Run & Export Employee's "General Report"

1. Run a General Report for sales records for Employee or for your records. These will be saved but you will no longer be able to run a report individually after an Employee is Deleted.

2. Go to Reports - click Sales and Business Performance


          3. With the Filter, set the "From" and "To" dates to desired range - select Service Provider - click Go to Search


        4.   Select the the format you wish to export the report file to your computer - click Export or click Print for a paper copy



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Run Payroll

  1.  Go to Reports - Payroll


      2.  Select the end of the current Pay Period - select the Service Provider - click Go



        3.  Click Export to save a copy of the Payroll Report on your computer or click Print for a paper copy



If you need to export their Customer list, continue to next step. If you do not wish to provide them with their Customer list skip to Re-Assign Appointments and Delete Employee

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Export Employee's Customer List

  1.  Click on Customers - click Customers List



       2.    In the Report Filter select the Service Providers name and click Search



        3.  Verify the number of Customers is correct - click Export and Save the file to send to employee

        4.   If you wish to remove their Customer list from your account, make sure the total number of Customers is correct--> Select the Customers that are being Deleted by checking the box next to their names -  Delete



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  Re-Assign Appointments and Delete Employee

  1. To reassign appointments, select Employees - click Go - click and hold one appointment at a time - drag to desired time and Service Provider


     2.  select Notification to the Customer


       3.  Verify moved appointments



        4.   go to Settings - Employees - click Employees Profile - Click the Trash Can icon next to the Employee Profile to delete.



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Netpay and

If any person (i.e. booth renters) have opened a merchant account with Vagaro, even if they have never used it, they need to call Net pay and to cancel their accounts and avoid reoccurring charges. Vagaro cannot cancel these accounts, since these were opened in their name and are transferable to other POS systems. If they have obtained a free credit card reader from us and they are canceling before one year subscription to credit card processing. They will need to pay the full price of the reader ($75). Call the following two companies to cancel merchant account:

Netpay: (949) 768-3600 (877) 447-3938

Vagaro Merchant Services

To cancel a Vagaro Merchant Service account on the web version of Vagaro, hover over settings and click credit card application. On the Credit Card Application landing page, there will be an option to close your merchant account. Click close account and if you ordered a free card reader you will be prompted to pay the cancellation fee of $75 if you have not completed your first year.



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