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1. Setup Your Services, Employees, Prices & Durations

This article explains how to Add Services (both Vagaro and Custom), Create a Custom Category, Create Custom Services, Add Service Providers which includes setting their Prices, Durations and points for services.  

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1. How to Add Vagaro Services

2. Create a Custom Category

3. Create Custom Services

4. Add Service Providers



How to Add Vagaro Services

1. From the calendar screen go to Settings then click on Service /Class Menu


 2. Then on the next screen select Insert Services / Classes


 3. On the next menu that appears select Insert Service


 4. On the next screen select Insert Vagaro Service


 5. Select all the services you would like to add to your service menu.


 6. Click the service name you want to edit the price, duration and points.


7. On the screen you can add an image for the service, edit the description, select the tax rate, cost to business, if the service is available for outcall, if you want the service to show online, if you want to show the price online, you can add new users, select if this service is something this employee does or does not do, set the price for the service provider, set the duration, and setup points given and points redeemed.



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Create a Custom Category

 1. From the "Services / Classes Menu" screen select "Insert Services / Classes"


 2. Select "Insert Category"


 3. Insert the name of the category, select a color, and click Save



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Create Custom Services

1. Click "Add" on the service category and select "Insert Service"


 2. Click on " Insert Customized Service"


3. Now on the screen you can edit the price, duration of the service. As a new feature now you can also add employees and select the service as something they do on one screen now.



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Add Service Providers

1. Select Add Service Provider (or Add a New Account/Employee) from the Edit Service Screen

2. Click Yes on the calendar confirmation screen


3. Fill in all of the employee's information


4. Set Working Hours



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    where do I learn about adding the deduction for color charge

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