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2. Setup Automatic Text, Email Reminders & Online Appointment Email Notification

Email & SMS Text Notifications

There are three periods for the life of an appointment where you can have an automatic text or email (also known as notifications) sent to your customer.

1.  When the appointment is made you can have an automatic email sent to the customer with the details of the appointment.

2.  A confirmation can be sent out via text and/or email at a time determined by you. We suggest 72 hours or 3 days before the appointment.

3.  An appointment reminder can be sent via text and/or email at a time determined by you. We suggest 24 hours before the appointment.

Also in this section you can include a message to your customers like, "My business is appointment-based. For that reason, it is my policy to charge clients who cancel with less than 24 hours notice, for the full service missed."


Appointment Book or Change Notification

The settings here allow you to decide when an appointment is placed, if an email is sent to the main salon email, the service provider's email, or both email addresses.

When all changes have been made, go ahead and click Save




Below is a video on how to set all of these options.





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