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Turn Import Customers Back On

If you would like to reimport your contact list or add a large group of new customers into your Vagaro account from your iPad/iPhone

For the iPhone/iPad Vagaro Pro app, there's a way to import your customers without manually entering it in back in the app.  

1.  Login to your Vagaro Pro app--> Tap on More



2. Tap on Import Contacts




3.  Now go to the homepage of the device by pushing the button on the bottom middle of the ipad-->  Proceed to Tap on the Settings icon on your device. 

4.  In the settings section, click on Privacy.

5.  Scroll to Vagaro Pro and change the selection from OFF to ON.

6.  Log back into Vagaro Pro. Tap on More --- Import Contacts.

The app will send a prompt on importing your contacts from your device into your Vagaro account. 





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