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Apple iOS iPad or iPhone Credit Card Swiper/Reader Setup


When using the Vagaro Pro credit card swiper on your iPhone or iPad device for the first time, Vagaro Pro will need to access the microphone setting. With the iOS 7 update a change of settings is needed to enable the credit card swiper to work properly. 

iPad Credit Card Setup: 


Step 1: Go to the "Settings" app on your device.



Step 2:  Once in "Settings" --> Select "Privacy" --> Scroll down until you find "Microphone".




Step 3: Once in the Microphone menu make sure that the Vagaro Pro app is enabled for access to your microphone.




Note that the fix for the iphone is the same exact instructions just on a smaller screen:


iPhone Credit Card Setup: 


Step 1. Go to your iPhone’s "Settings".




 Step 2. Tap "Privacy". 




 Step 3.  Select "Microphone". 




Step 4. Tap the slider to turn on microphone access. 



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