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Charging Credit Cards on Your iPhone / iPad

The Vagaro credit card swiper allows you to accept credit card payments directly to your iPhone and iPad. The swiper makes paying so much simpler to get your customers in and out of chairs. Here is a simple guide on how to checkout an appointment with the Vagaro credit card swiper. 

To learn how to store Credit Cards in your clients' profiles, click Here.

Check out this video or follow the instructions below.



1. From the calendar screen tap the Appointment you want to checkout and from the pop up menu tap Service Complete (Checkout).


2. You'll be taken to the checkout screen. When your swiper is disconnected it will say in the upper right hand corner Credit Card Reader not connected. Plug in your swiper and it will light up green.


3. When it turns green, tap Touch to Swipe.


4. When this message pops up it is ready to swipe the card.


5. Select a tip or enter a custom tip amount, once added click Next.


6. Have the customer sign, then click Charge Card.








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  • Avatar
    Kimberly Wright

    When do you swipe the credit card or get the info from it?

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Kimberly - That's on step 8.

  • Avatar
    David Obdrzalek

    Besides going to customers tab is there a way to add a note from this ticket screen? iPad/iPhone

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Yes, in the appointment where you are selecting the time and service, look at the bottom and it shows "Customer Notes", just click on that.

  • Avatar
    Susan Davis Ferrell

    Can the customer add a tip in the sign screen? It's uncomfortable to ask them. Also what snipers are compatible? I have a magtek swiper that plugs into charge port.

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Susan - On the screen where they sign it shows Tip and they can either click on a percentage or "Other" to enter in a specific dollar amount.

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