How to Get Found on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing... Faster




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    Jared Romaine

    If I can be candid, SEO is probably one of the weakest areas of Vagaro's offering.  Calendar/scheduling is awesome.  Android and IOS apps are great.  But search engine optimization is poor, and even having your own domain name and customized website does little.  I have created accounts with most of the recommendations in this article, and while those listings may appear on the first page of a Google search, I want my official website to be on the first page, and it's not.  Even Google searching my business name doesn't get a first page listing.  I am a happy Vagaro customer, but if there is 1 reason I would consider leaving, it's SEO.

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    Fred Helou

    Hi Jared, for all of the keywords that you have placed in the "Marketing tools" -> "Contact information" screen. You are on the 1st page of Google. Most people never make it. It sounds to me that you might be typing other keywords which in that case you need to add these keywords to that list. If you still need help with that please contact support at 800.919.0157 Ext 106. We are truly glad that you are happy with our service by the way

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    Crystal Willingham

    Hi Fred, I agree with Jared about the SEO. I hope you know I'm a huge fan of Vagaro. In addition to what he said, forwarded domains are not allowed in Google Places. I'm now ans SEO consultant and I'm helping a mutual client set up her Vagaro page. I'm also helping her with Google Places. Please contact me - I would love to help with a solution for this!


    Crystal WIllingham

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    Avonne Bogan

    Hello, I agree with Jared. I love Vagaro but the search optimization is weak. I left styleseat due to the lack of features. When I did a basic google or yahoo search, my styleseat account shows up first and Vagaro account in 8th place. I don't know what else can be done, but I would prefer to have my Vagaro account show up first. I've done everything that was suggested. Any plans to update the SEO in the future?



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