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How To Create Daily Deals

Instead of paying Groupon and Living Social 50%-75% of your money just to offer a promotion to your customers and 'new' potential customers, Vagaro offers something even better for FREE. With Vagaro Promotions, you can give your customer's discounts on a single service or a percentage off multiple services.

Watch this video or follow the forum below to learn how to create a Daily Deal.



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Creating a Daily Deal

1. Start by clicking Marketing, then click Create Email/Daily Deals.



2. Click on Create new email or Daily Deals.



3. Click on Create Deal.



4. This screen will pop up and give you a description on Daily Deals. After reading click Create.



5. Select the Category you deal falls in.



6. In the next screen you can select a Photo that will best represent your deal.



7. In this screen enter the Deal Title, Description, and Fine PrintSelect which service providers will preform this service. You can also set this deal For New Customers Only.


Description - Brief summary of your deal that clients will see on your website, on and in checkout.

Fine Print - Specify’s the limitations of the daily deal. Limits like “This deal can’t be combined with other deals,” “Can’t be redeemed with points.” Etc.


8. On the next screen select the Service(s) that will be part of the promotion, then click Next.



9a. Multiple Services - After selecting multiple services, select the Start & End date, and enter a Discount. You can choose to post the promotion to your personal or business Facebook page. When set click Next


9b. Single Service - After selecting a single service, enter the Before & After price. You can choose to post the promotion to your personal or business Facebook page. When set click Next



10. Check the Acknowledgement Box, then click Announce.



11. Once your Deal is approved it will be shown on the Vagaro home page, your Vagaro page, and custom website.








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Daily Deals - Do's & Don'ts

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  • Avatar
    Lisa Common

    This is wonderful!! Thank you!!
    Is there any way to NOT send out an email to all of our clients automatically? We have customers who use Vagaro and want the appointment notifications, but have opted out of newsletter and promotional mailings. We won't be able to use this if all customers get a promotional email.

    Thanks again,

  • Avatar

    Thank you for this option. I love it. Will you be adding a "pay" option along with the "book" option with the promotions.

  • Avatar

    This is something that we wanted for a long time. It would be even more effective if customers get an ability to buy the promotion right away. Perhaps you would need to leverage some of the gift certificate functionality here. Groupon and Living social has a very large subscriber base and strong marketing, but we hate to give away 50 - 75% of share.

  • Avatar
    Alina Lomtadze

    Sounds fabulous !!!
    The only one thing ,i agree with Lisa about automatically sent e-mails
    Can we avoid it ?

  • Avatar
    Annie V.

    Or can you send an e-mail to a select group. Also can their be a prepay option just like groupon, where you will pay for the special price only for a limited time?

  • Avatar

    The iLash Lounge

    This is so awesome!!! I also agree is there a way to add a filter for the contact list, not all clients are new and some clients do not want to receive the email listings.

  • Avatar
    Fred Helou

    All valid input. We are adding an option to limit the promotion to new customers only in which case we will not send the emails out. We will work on making it payable immediately as well. Stay tuned.

  • Avatar
    Lisa Common

    Thank you Fred!

  • Avatar
    Fred Helou

    You probably already noticed. We have added an option to to specify new customers only and you can now limit to promotion to certain service providers.

  • Avatar
    Lisa Common

    Is there a way to not automatically send an email at all? Here is our problem. We use an email client and have for many years. Our clients opt in to receive newsletters and promotions through our website or our intake form when they first come into our office. If they click "no, I would not like to receive email from 12th Avenue", then we cannot send any to them. Some of our new clients and old clients have opted out of receiving email. I would like to be able to easily run a promotion on Vagaro, then use our email client (with our own branded newsletters and templates) to send an email saying we are having a promotion. Is that possible?

  • Avatar
    Cher Farnsworth

    I know this thread is a year past, but I do have a question that was mentioned but not answered. Is there a way clients can purchase the promotion as a certificate to use at a later date? Say I run a special for 3 or 4 days, I would want as many clients to take advantage of that special by purchasing and being able to book for a later date. When will this be an option?

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