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Yelp Booking (Track Appointments)

The Yelp booking integration is an amazing way to get new customers. This integration puts your business in a pool of customers that use Yelp to book all kinds of appointments. This forum will go over where and how to see if an appointment was booked through Yelp.

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View Individual Appointment

1. You can tell which appointments came from your yelp booking integration in two ways. On the calendar screen, appointments booked through Yelp will be indicated with the Yelp logo in the upper left hand corner of the appointment. 



2. In the appointment edit screen, appointments booked through Yelp will have Yelp, the date, and time next to Booked By under the appointment comments box. 




View Yelp Booking Totals

1.To see the number of appointments booked through Yelp, click Reports, then click Source under Appointments on the left hand side.



2. In source, select the Date Range, the Service Providers, and/or the customers and click Run Report.



3. When you run the report, you'll get a break down of where your appointments were booked. For Yelp, we want to pay attention to the Online sections. You can see this information as a chart, or in a grid. 


Grid View



4. A second way to get a break down of where your appointments were booked is in the dashboard screen. Click Dashboard from the top bar.



5. When you open the dashboard, you will see a box for Appointment Distribution. It will give you a break down for bookings from the past months. At the top of the box you can select the Date Range, Service Providers, and/or choose between Source or Status. 





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