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This forum will go over the key features and uses for mobile Checkout. This section has been designed to make checking out easier, faster and more responsive to your needs.

Watch this video or follow the forum below.


Starting a Checkout

1. To access the checkout screen, from the calendar, tap checkout from the bottom bar.



2. This is the improved checkout screen. Let's start by adding a customer. Tap Select Customer at the top of the screen.



3. You can see a list of All Customers or just those In Today. You can tap on the Customer you want to check out and when you're ready, tap Continue.



4. You can also select multiple customers to do a group checkout. Select those you want to check out, tap Group Customers and on the next screen, tap the Name of the customer that is paying. Note: You can only use the Group Customers function on customers that are In Today.



5. Once you have a customer selected, the checkout screen will reflect their totals. To the right of their name, you'll see if they have any points available. If they have a membership to your business, that will show up right below their name. Below the customer field, you'll see the shopping cart. The number on the right reflects how many items are in the cart. 



Shopping Cart
The shopping cart makes adding, removing, and keeping track of products and services very simple.

1. In the shopping cart, items are separated by category. You can Add Items manually or Scan Items with your device's camera. By swiping left on an item, you'll be able to make changes. Swiping left on products will allow you to increase or decrease quantity.



2. When you tap an item, you will be taken to the Items Details. You'll see the Name of the item, the Service Provider associated with this item, the Price, you can add a Discount, and toggle if the customer wants to Use Points to pay for this service. When you are set, tap Save.



Receipts & Tipping
The receipts and tipping options have been updated to keep them more consistent to your business preference.

1. To access the Receipts & Tipping options from the checkout screen, tap the gear in the upper right hand side of the screen. 


2. When it comes to receipts, you have four settings. You can choose to always print receipts by only selecting the Paper icon, always email receipts by selecting the Email icon, always print and email receipts by selecting both, or always Ask at Checkout.



3. When it comes to tips, we allow you to set 5 different tipping percentages, or you can choose to not ask for tip.


NOTE: Everything that you set here will be the default every time you checkout.



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