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The 2-Step Verification

We have added even more security to your account. We now send an email notification when you sign in to a Vagaro account from a new device or location. We also send a code for you to put in for the first time you login from that device (if you have enable 2-Step Verification in your profile under Contact). You only have to do this one time per device.

Toggling 2-Step Verification On/Off
By default the 2-step Verification will be turned on. Here we'll show you have to toggle it on and off on web and mobile.


1. On mobile tap the More tab and then tap your name. Tapping Password & Security will take you to the screen were you can toggle the 2-Step Authentication on or off. Tapping Connected Devices will take you to where you can see what devices have logged into your Vagaro account and where.



2. Under the Security Question you'll see the switch to turn the 2-Step Verification on or off.



3. This screen will show you the Connected Devices that have logged into your Vagaro account and where.



This is an example of the notice you'll receive when you log in from a new device. 
Please Note: The location is an approximation based on IP address.



Web Broswer

1. On web click Settings, and from the left hand side under Employees click Employee Profiles.



2. You can toggle the 2-Step Verification different for each service provider you have in your business. Under their name, click Profile.



3. Under Contacts, you'll see Sign-in & Security where you can check the box to enable or disable 2-Step Verification. When you’re set, click Save.






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    Tonya Atkinson

    So it is because I have a dynamic IP address both at home and at the spa, that is why I have to do this 2 step verification over and over?

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