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How to Add or Remove Licenses

Licenses have to do with your service providers. The new screen makes sure you’re paying the right amount for the number service providers you have working at your business. If you delete a calendar, please remove a license or you will be charged the same amount.

Watch this video or follow the forum below to learn about Licenses.


1. From the calendar screen hover over Settings, hover over Employees, then click Employee Profile.



2. In this screen you’ll see how many licenses you currently have at the top. Click Licenses to change your plan.



3. In this screen click the amount of licenses you need. Each licenses is only $10 a month. When you reach 7+ you’ll have an unlimited license, meaning that every service provider you add after your 7th will be free. Set your licenses and click Save.



4. When adding a new calendar using service provider you will get this pop up before adding their working hours.



5. When you add a new service provider your license will update automatically. We went from 6 to 7 services providers so now we have Unlimited Licenses.



6. When you delete service providers your license won’t update unless you change it. By clicking your licenses at the top you can make the adjustments.


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