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How to Create Gap Times

A Gap Time is anytime in a service where your client has to let something process. For example, when you are performing a Color and Haircut service and your client has to sit under the dryer for about 40 - 45 minutes, that processing time is the gap time. The Gap Time allows you to take shorter appointments in between longer ones to maximize your work schedule. Clients can also book appointments in those Gap Times online.

Watch this video or follow the forum below to learn to create a Gap Time.



1. First thing we want to do is set up a service with Gap Time. From the calendar screen hover over Settings and then click Service/Class Menu.


2. Click on the service you want to edit from the left side of the screen.


3. On the right hand side scroll down until you see all your service providers. Click Advanced next to the Duration to under the service providers name.


4. In this screen you’ll have a field for Initial Duration, Gap (Processing), and Finish Duration. When you have everything set up, click Apply.

Initial Duration: The time needed before processing.
Gap (Processing): The time where your service provider doesn’t need to pay immediate attention to the client.
Finish Duration: The time for everything after processing


5. After setting this up for all the service providers who can accept gap times make sure you click Save to finalize your changes.


6. This is what an appointment looks like with a gap time created versus an appointment without it. The gap is indicated by the lighter color box in the center.


7. With the Gap Time created you can take other appointments while your first client is processing.
For example: During the Color and Haircut, Belinda has to sit under the dryer for about 40 to 45 mins. During that time The service provider and preform a 30min Haircut. It’s an easy way to maximize your time.




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