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Why Aren't Emails Being Delivered in my Email Marketing?

What Is A Dropped Email on Vagaro?

A dropped email occurs when our systems identify that a message is sent to an email address that is already listed on one of the suppression lists: Bounces, Unsubscribes, Spam reports and Invalid Emails. If an email is already on one of the lists mentioned above, our systems automatically drop the email in order to protect your Sender Reputation.

Identifying a Drop

On the Vagaro Email Marketing Dashboard, you can click Announced from the status column. On the next page the emails will be broken down as Processed, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Spam, or Failed. Dropped emails are those that are on the Unsubscribed, Spam and Failed Lists. Clicking on the failed list will further break down emails that were Dropped, Bounced, or Invalid.

Processed - Email is processed and in queue to send.

Delivered - Email has been delivered to recipient.

Opened - Your email was delivered and opened by the recipient. It could be opened multiple times.

Clicked - Any link in your email has been clicked. Some links may have been clicked multiple times.

Unsubscribed - Recipient has chosen to no longer receive emails from your business.

Spam - The recipient has added your email address to their spam or junk folder.

Bounce - The recipient's mail server rejected the email; it could be an invalid email address.

Invalid - Before sending emails, Vagaro filters out known invalid email addresses.





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