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How to Checkout using Credit Cards on a Computer

This article will go over how to checkout customers with credit cards on a computer. There are two ways to checkout credit card customers: One way is by manually entering the credit card information, the other is using a USB Credit Card swiper.

You can only check out with credit cards if your account is set up for credit card processing through Vagaro. Once that is set up, watch the video, or follow the steps below.



1. Start by clicking the appointment from the calendar then from the drop down menu click Service Complete (Checkout).


2. In the check out screen you’ll see the name of your customer and the service. You’ll also see the different ways to pay, and the amount.


Entering a Credit Card Manually

1. Start by clicking Credit Card Info on the right hand side.


2. When this window pops up, you can add all the card information. With the switch at the bottom you can choose to Save this card with the customers profile. When everything is filled in, click Add.


Using the USB Credit Card Swiper

1. Make sure your swiper is plugged in to your USB drive on your computer.


2. When the swiper lights up slide the card through and you’ll hear a beep signifying that the card has been accepted.


3. After swiping this confirmation window will pop up. You can add a tip on the card and click Charge Credit Card to confirm the purchase.


Printing the Receipt

1. You can receive receipts in two ways, emailed or printed. You can check which box your client would like to receive.



2. When you’re finished checking out, there will be a pop up window to prompt you to print the receipt.



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